Global Yonsei, International Library(3) – 글로벌 연세인이 본 학술정보원

Brian Reams, 국제학대학원 국제협력 전공
University of Virginia, USA








My first experience with the Central Library on Yonsei’s Sinchon campus was the tour given to me by a volunteer Yonsei student. Our guide was asked to take new incoming students around the campus, and that included a short tour of the library. I was immediately impressed by the amount of technology that had been integrated into the library systems. Finding items is a breeze, reserving space and access is fair and straightforward, and I’ve become very reliant on the e-journal databases to which Yonsei subscribes. Since my first brief visit on the tour more than a year ago, the Central Library has become an important hub for research and study, and would feel less fulfilled as a student without it.


My academic history includes four years at the University of Virginia which is renowned for its extensive and well-funded library system. The UVA library system is designated as the backup library system to the U.S. Library of Congress, and so the sheer breadth of its catalog is daunting, to say the least. But what the UVA libraries possess in volume they sometimes lack in ease of use, and that is where I’ve come to admire the Yonsei Central Library most. Locating and accessing materials within the library is quite easy, with lots of assistance from the library’s staff. And of course, although computerized catalogs are now standard in all libraries, the Central Library goes above and beyond in its use of technology to streamline accessibility. The large notification screens as well as automated reservation systems are particularly impressive. On the whole, my time spent there has been very straightforward and welcoming and I hope the staff will continue to offer the same excellent service in the future.


The only suggestion I would offer to the Yonsei Library system is to increase the amount of 24-hour study space available to students – particularly during the weeks prior to exams.. The amount of this space can sometimes feel very limited, and it would be even better to have such services offered in some other parts of campus. (For example, I am a GSIS student and the Central Library is located some distance from our department.)

Despite this criticism, I’m very pleased with the library system. It has been a great asset to my academic life – both as a research and study venue – and I look forward to continuing to use it in the future. Thank you very much for the dedicated thought and effort that have clearly been included in its creation.





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